“Attribution and Interviewing”


The article, “The Deadly Silence of the Electric Car” was written by Peter Whoriskey, one of the staff writers for The Washington Post.

To get information for his quotes and stories, Whoriskey probably asked questions such as, Do you think silent cars really pose a possible danger to pedestrians?, What kind of sounds are being considered for the cars non visual signal?, and What problems do these sounds have?

Asking more questions about how the sounds would affect the car owners would have made the article more interesting to the reader.  Instead of relying on the words of Tesla spokeswoman, Rachel Konrad regarding the appeal of quiet cars to consumers, it would be more relevant  to ask more questions from the general public.  Perhaps, many people would actually favor the sounds because it then gives the pedestrian as well as the driver responsibility for an accident.  Another interesting question would have been to ask, what can be done with the extremely quiet cars that are already on the road?


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