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Photo Assignment

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DSC_0786 copy

This is an establishing shot. From it we see that Washington High School, in orange uniforms, is racing against American, the team in red, white and blue uniforms. It follows the rule of thirds and "intruduces color into a monochormatic scene." On October 14, 2009 Washington's cross country team raced against American. Some races were combined because of American's lack of a JV team.

DSC_0797 (20)

This is a time captured shot. It shows the "during" of an event. The edge of the grass makes a diagonal that leads your eye in toward the destination of the runners. Jessie and Matt Padilla are not in the lead, however cross country runners are often reminded that the race is won in the second half of the race.

DSC_0795 (18) copy

This image displays the rule of thirds as well as introduces color against a monochromatic scene. The Washington varsity girls team won.

DSC_0895 copy

This image shows the runners emotion as she runs. It is a detail shot. The foreground is dominant over the background. Junior Laura Dunford determinedly makes her way to the finish line.

DSC_0800 copy

This image displays the rule of thirds. American runner struggles to catch Varsity runner Ben Rich, however Ben Rich continued to widen the gap and came in first by a longshot

DSC_0804 copy

This image is a detail/close up shot of the Husky fans. This image displays the use of panning which isolates the subject from the background and shows movement. In this image, a Washington High School fan rushes to cheer on the varsity team.

DSC_0786 copy

This photo makes use of the rule of thirds as well as leading lines. The lines outlining the curvature of the pathway depict where the runner is going. In this image, Senior Ben Rich makes his final lap around a pond before reaching the finish line.

DSC_0897 (2) copy

This line shows the rule of thirds and peak of emotion. It is also a closing shot--it shows the end of the race. The varsity race has just ended and the exhaustion and hard effort put into the race shows plainly on Sophomore Mark Leprince's face.