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Rescue workers in Madeira dug through heaps of mud, boulders and debris Sunday, searching for victims buried by floods and mudslides that have killed at least 42 people on the popular Portuguese island.

Who? Rescue workers. What? Dug through heaps of mud, boulders and debris. Where? Madeira. When? Sunday. Why? Searching for victims buried by floods and mudslides. How? By digging through mud.

California’s dire and ongoing budget predicament is raising a tough — and touchy — question about the state’s finances, one that some at the Capitol do not want discussed: Is California bankrupt?

The hook in this lead is the question:Is California bankrupt? I really don’t know how much more explaining about what kind of hook is used I can do. I know it’s a question lead because there is a question mark at the end!


Journalism semester 1

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Well I started out the year thinking I would be photo editor, but ended up being features editor instead. Being editor of the features section was unexpected, and even though the center spread takes more planning than the photo page, I like being features editor more than I liked being photo editor. I hated writing captions and figuring out who the people were in the photographs.

The most important thing I learned this semester in journalism is, DON’T PROCRASTINATE. It is impossible to pull together an issue at the last minute. If we don’t stay on track, we end up with a crappy, error-filled issue, despite staying in Mr. Skillings’ room until eight p.m. the night before distribution.

For the second semester, I hope that we can be more organized, especially now that everyone knows what to expect. I also hope that I can assign and edit articles for web in a more regular and organized manner.