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October 13 Issue Critique

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October 13 issue: Front Page

Positive point:

The headline for the water polo article is a good number of lines.  According to Chapter 1 , a story one column long should have a 3-4 line headline. Page 29

Critical Point:

the picture of Kim Chattergee drawing is on the right side of the corresponding story even though the main subject of the photo (Kim) is facing right.  It would have been better to put the picture on the other side of the story so that she is facing the story, leading the readers from the picture to the story.  On page 55 of chapter 2, it says “If the photo faces right: This [photo on the left side of the story] is the better solution, since the action of the photo will flow into the text. To anchor this design, both the photo and the text block need ample width; the photo should be at least 2 columns wide.”  Page 55

October 13 issue: Page 5 Features

Positive Point:

All of the cutlines are properly formatted.  “Every mug needs a cutline. Mug
cutlines often use a two-line format: The first is the person’s name; the second is a description, title, etc.” (Page 50)

Critical Point:

On the 2 articles on the sides (New PE teacher… and Teacher returns…), the picture and caption is above the headline.  Chapter 2, page 52, says this is a risky design, but it is doable, as long as there is no story above it.  However, the photos seem separate from the articles, and would have looked better under the headline.  page 52

Also, the photos are not cropped enough.  “Mug shots should fill the frame tightly – but not too tightly. Leave air above the hair, if you can. Avoid slicing  into ears, foreheads or chins.” (page 50)