News Broadcast

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VCHS News-Broadcast 5-15-08

I liked this broadcast because the reporters showed their personality through their reporting.  Even though it’s a news cast, it’s interesting and entertaining to watch.  It’s not just dry facts.  Maybe it wasn’t a very orthodox news broadcast, but i thought that more entertaining than the other ones I watched.  They also used creative, though kind of cheesy video effects that added more to the appeal.


“Attribution and Interviewing”

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The article, “The Deadly Silence of the Electric Car” was written by Peter Whoriskey, one of the staff writers for The Washington Post.

To get information for his quotes and stories, Whoriskey probably asked questions such as, Do you think silent cars really pose a possible danger to pedestrians?, What kind of sounds are being considered for the cars non visual signal?, and What problems do these sounds have?

Asking more questions about how the sounds would affect the car owners would have made the article more interesting to the reader.  Instead of relying on the words of Tesla spokeswoman, Rachel Konrad regarding the appeal of quiet cars to consumers, it would be more relevant  to ask more questions from the general public.  Perhaps, many people would actually favor the sounds because it then gives the pedestrian as well as the driver responsibility for an accident.  Another interesting question would have been to ask, what can be done with the extremely quiet cars that are already on the road?

Inverted Pyramid and Summary Lead

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The lead of the article covers Who, What, and Why.

“LONDON, Sept. 14 — In a case that altered airport security worldwide, three British Muslims were each sentenced Monday to at least 30 years in prison for a plot to kill thousands by blowing up transatlantic airliners with liquid explosives hidden in soda bottles.”

Right away we get all the information we want to know.  Who? Three British Muslims.  What? Were sentenced for at least 30 years in prison. Why? For  plotting a terrorist attack

The lead does not really answer where or when, however that information is provided in the Place and date that precedes that article. “LONDON, Sept. 14.”

The article goes on to explain the motive for planning the attack and exactly how many years each terrorist was sentenced.  As the article continues, more descriptive details are given, including the logistics of the planned attack, how many people would have died if the plan had gone through, and information about a fourth man who also contributed to the plan but was only sentenced 22 years of prison.

This article follows the inverted pyramid format.  It starts with the general information before moving onto specifics.

Starting Point: 0.5

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The bell rang signaling the end of 5th period. I gulped. Journalism 1 was next. My heart pounded with fear as I trekked the stairs to room E221. I feared the worst. Journalism horror stories flashed before my eyes. My only hope? To make it out of sixth period alive…

Just kidding.

Actually, I’ve wanted to be a part of the Hatchet ever since Hatchet representatives came intruding into my ninth grade honors English class. The only journalism experience I’ve had so far is writing my new journalism essay about the homeless for Mrs. Jones’ honors English 11 class. I’ve also had a lot of experience with photography and programs like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. I learned how to navigate Adobe Indesign this summer! Nicole Doan gave me a crash course and I feel pretty comfortable with it.

My hopes and fears? My greatest fear is that I won’t be able to work fast enough since I have the tendency to work really slowly. But to be honest, I am not that afraid because I know that I can adjust to whatever stipulations are placed on me. I hope to improve my photojournalism and interviewing skills. I usually photoshop my pictures, so learning to take good unedited pictures will be a challenge. I also hope to enjoy myself while being a really productive member of the hatchet team.

Hello world!

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